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about Tina

Singer/songwriter and mum! Tina Rez is the next Aussie POP Princess! 

Tina has always wanted to become a pop star however, since she was a kid she has faced many obstacles that stood in the way of chasing her dreams!

Tina has developed personally and as an artist in the last few years and she's smashing her goals! 

In 2019 at the beginning of her career, Tina learned a valuable lesson when she was scammed by an independent label in Sydney. She says; "Im not upset, I'm actually glad this happened! I just can't believe how people like them can take advantage of those new to the music business! I hope they aren't doing it to other new artists. It's so sad"

Tina has since moved on and is now working with one of the best studios in Sydney - Studios 301 home to well known established artists. Working along side producer Simon Cohen and Top liner and Artist Erin Marshall, as a team they are creating some exciting groovy music!

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